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MULTIFORCE is the only ad-network in Taiwan that spans five screens, and combined with data marketing solutions, creates great profits for many website owners. Currently we have Taiwan & Malaysia website traffic. No matter what kind of digital device, as long as there is a screen and connected to the Internet, please welcome to join MULTIFORCE to monetize the traffic and enjoy profit.

Across five Screens
IIntegrate screen traffic such as PC, Mobile, Tablet, DOOH, TV (IPTV), etc. Use a variety of screens to completely cover the audience, create a screen where there is MULTIFORCE.

Internationalization of specifications
Support international standard "size" and "form" advertising placements, including images, audio and video, native ... etc., allow website owners can easily earn advertising profit and diversify their income.


Rich Media
Every season introduce the "creative ad formats" depends on market demand, increase the website CPM unit price, and increase the total monthly advertising revenue.


Traffic Value

Provide exclusive services for “maximizing traffic value” for specific website owners. Assist website owners to import all the remaining traffic of the website to multiple DSP such as MULTIFORCE, Google, Criteo, Innity, RTB House, etc. Track the performance of daily traffic advertising revenue, adjust the use of objects in real time, increase CPM at a high Fill Rate, Increase the [total revenue] of the website owner.